The KidPreneurs™ Story

Papa Muil-E has spent years working in the business world, and he has learned a lot about the “ins and outs” of the field. When he looks back on his younger days, as recent university graduate, he recalls all the theory he had learned in school. Unfortunately, all of his “textbook” knowledge wasn’t as useful once he finally was working in the real world. Papa Muil-E was eager and full of ideas but wasn’t quite sure how to make them a reality. He saw a lot of younger self in his son, Ryan, just as eager to be a part of the business world but not quite sure how to tackle the situation. When Ryan approached him about wanting to become an entrepreneur, he thought it was an excellent project for his son to gain real world experience which he himself lacked when he graduated with a degree years before.

The father-son duo brainstormed for hours, and it was during these sessions that a mantra of sorts was born, KidPreneurs. A KidPreneur means refusing to be considered at a disadvantage simply based on age. Being a KidPreneur is tackling an issue with zeal and determination in order to bring your ideas to life. A Kidpreneur accepts the hurtles that they may encounter that a regular entrepreneur may not, and uses these opportunities to learn and grow as a business person.

Ryan’s adventure can be used as an example of what a young person can accomplish and a source of inspiration for the members of his generation who have an idea but are undecided as to which path will make their ideas a reality.

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Update!! Recently Ryan Muil and his start up business Muil-E’s Hotsauce became the first ever winner of the Pythons’s Pit.  A competition hosted by McMaster and the Degroote School of Business in Burlington Ontario.  Ryan wows the judges and strikes a production deal with Nickel Brook Brewery.  Thanks to John Romano and his team Ryan is now able to produce his sauce in a state of the art production facility in Burlington Ontario.

Read the story and watch this business grow!!

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