• Just wanted to say “kudos” to Ryan and to his father.  Your product is awesome-I go through one bottle a week (purchased from Pat’s) and recommend it to all my friends! Welcome more recipes to the website.  Regards, Kellie H.


  • Hey Dave, I have been a hot sauce fan for years and have rarely found a sauce that can boast both heat and flavor! Muil-E’s hot sauce has that rare occurrence of fantastic flavor and heat. People simply have to try it to understand. Your whole tongue is included, from sweet starts to tangy finishes! Fantastic on everything I have tried so far. Breakfasts – try it on eggs, BBQ’s…you gotta try it on cedar plank salmon!


  • “There is Hot and then there is HOT WITH incredible flavor. Muil-E’s Hot sauce has a wonderful intense flavor – yet you can taste the subtlety of each spice and still enjoy the satisfaction of the anticipated kick!  – Tony A.


  • Hey Dave…FYI…got a few “avid hot sauce people” to try your sample you left with us…they loved it and want to buy some. Miriam had a pizza-lunch with her staff…guess what ?…it goes great with pizza, too. !!! Well, that was one focus group that was very positive. Looks like you have a winner of a product.


  • This hot sauce brings back great memories for me -my mother would cook with a hot rub similar to this and I have not had anything close in years, thanks so much for this. Please let me know when you are ready to start selling- I want a case!


  • I met you a few hours ago at Taste in St. Jacobs and purchased a jar of Muil-e\’s hot sauce, after sampling an absolutely delicious spoonful from Gerry. Just superb. On the way home, we picked up a pizza and had some of your hot sauce with it and it was fantastic. The incredible taste and heat are wonderful,and the colour makes for one of the most beautiful hot sauces I\’ve ever had the pleasure to taste (and I\’ve tasted a lot of them). It was great to meet you both today, and I wish you all the best in your hot sauce and kidpreneur endeavours.cheers, Marshall PS: Your website is great, and very easy to navigate through.  

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